GA Transition Effects


GA 5 Transition Effects

Ulead's Gif Animator 5 Transition Effects

© Lucy L. Page

Before you start putting your "show together" you need to make sure your pictures are the same size, and that your frame fits around them perfectly. I used PhotoImpact to edit the pictures and make the frame. I made 3 small simple pictures and a plain frame that you can use to play with if you wish. Hoover over link, right click, select save target as, then save. Download luone and Download lutwo

  1. Open GA 5.
  2. Click "open existing image file". Browse to Lucy one, select, and click open.
  3. Click Frame one, choose duplicate frame from menu file or tool bar under frames. Then make sure frame 2 is selected. Shows duplicate button
    On the right hand side is a column where all your objects are listed with eyes beside each. shows eye on object menuClick on the first eye. Notice your second frame now shows a different image. Now duplicate the second frame and click the second eye in your object list. Now you have all three pictures displayed. Notice the white frame on the object command center, you can type on or delete the frame entirely.

  4. Select your frames, go to Menu, then Frame, then frame properties. I set the frame delay to 150.shows frame delay
  5. Click on Frame one. Choose Video F/X on the menu bar, select F/X then Iris-fx. F/X menu
  6. The Add Effects Box Opens. It names the effect you chose. Set Frames to 4 and the Delay time to 40. Click Ok .Effects box
  7. Choose Frame 7 and duplicate. Then click on the duplicate which is frame now frame 8. (If you do not do this step the transition effect for the next picture will take place immediately and you will not have time to look at the picture.)

  8. Again go to the menu, choose Video F/X, then try the Mosaic-fx...just to be different. The settings are retained from the first one you did, so just click ok. Now you have 13 frames. Repeat these steps for each of the different pictures. You should also note that if you select the last frame and apply a transition effect to it, the frame it will transition to is the first frame.
  9. At this time you can add a frame around your picture. It is an overlay. Go to File on the menu bar, select add image, browse to Lucy 2 and open.add image from file
    The Frame appears around the selected frame. On the menu bar, select object, then synchronize object across all frames. Make sure the frame is the only object selected. Also make sure only the x offset is the only box check. Check across all frames. Then click ok. Preview! If you like it. Save. I suggest that you save your animation 2 times, one as as uga file. Doing so lets you make changes or use a different output, such as swif or psd files, or even video files. Wasn't that easy and fun. GA5 is GREAT
    Note: I don't put the frame overlay in the same frame with the pictures for two reasons: 1. All those eyes to open and close gets confusing, 2. I want the transitions on the pictures only...not on the picture and frame. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learned something that will be useful to you.